We are aware that banks are keeping their doors shut to crypto-companies, and are one of the most relevant issues Blockchain businesses face nowadays. We are glad to offer our customers a new service: IBAN Accounts for Crypto Companies.

What You Get

Your Company's IBAN Account

Multi-Currency Account (*)

Third-Party Payments

Funds Kept by Reliable EU-Banks (**)

Crypto-Friendly Solutions

SEPA Transfers

User-Friendly Interface

Responsive Customer Care

(*) Accounts in Euro for all customers. Solutions for multi-currency accounts available.

(**) Your funds are kept by a primary EU Bank or by an EU Central Bank, depending on the chosen solution.


While top-tier banks are getting more crypto-curious, most see the growing number of companies in the industry as they have since day one: ticking regulatory time bombs. Or competitors, they don’t want to deal with.

Though legitimate uses have sprouted in recent years, it’s simpler for banks to maintain a blanket prohibition.

In the vast majority of regulated jurisdictions, bank the crypto-industry is not illegal, but it is perceived as a massive compliance headache, and banks simply don’t want to put resources to solve it.

Anti-money laundering rules typically require banks to know the identity and aims of their clients and often be able to trace the source of their customers’ cash.

As Ben Sebley, NKB’s head of brokerage, said: “Denying basic banking is madness, impedes sector growth and forces companies to get creative to solve the problem,” Mr Sebley said.

EU-IBAN Accounts for Crypto-Businesses

We have found two different solutions to allow crypto-businesses to have their IBAN accounts. Thanks to our IBAN accounts, crypto-businesses can easily and safely manage their day-to-day operations.

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