Providing Pan-European Legal,
Compliance and Strategy
Advice on Blockchain Projects

Your goals + our expertise +
where you are + where you
want to be + getting you there

There are Blockchain consulting companies.
And there’s Blockchain ConsultUs!

We are a boutique consulting firm who specialises in helping blockchain and decentralised ledger technology projects/organisations keep compliant and reach their goals in an ever-changing digital landscape.

To do that, we combine our cutting-edge legal and strategy expertise with the international reach our clients need to achieve their commercial goals.

We assist companies across the European continent, so if you run or have in mind a Blockchain-related project, we can help you. Wherever you are based.

Our team of specialists use their legal, compliance, tax, and strategic knowledge to better-assist you in the management of complex projects. Whether you are developing, procuring or investing in these areas, we understand the opportunities and challenges your business can face. That’s why we’ll help you navigate through them every step of the way.

How we can help you and your

Upon working with us, you’ll gain immediate access to our extensive
portfolio of services to further support your business and fulfil the
requirements prescribed.

To ensure your business remains compliant in an ever-evolving
technological world, we can also monitor any changes in cryptocurrency,
blockchain technology, ICOs, STOs, and mining legislation across Europe.
Plus, we offer valuable advice on which countries are safest to use
cryptocurrency in and what consultancy services can help you explore new,
reliable, and creative solutions. This will grant you more valuable time to
focus on running your business successfully.

Legal & Compliance

Selection of the jurisdiction of the company

Company formation

Preparation of compliance measures

Drafting of documents for the AML/KYC procedures

Elaboration of the optimal legal concept of tokens

Privacy and GDPR

Preparation of agreements with investors and user agreements

Dealing with competent regulatory authorities

Opening of accounts with banks and payment institutions

Escrow services


Investor relations

Business planning

Marketing and PR in the crypto industry

Road mapping to find the right go-to-market partnerships

Risk assessment and sustainability analysis

Brand creation


Drafting of technical tasks

ICO/STO/crowdsale ready-made platforms

Recruiting of technical specialists

Our Approach

We are committed to providing you with the best legal, compliance, and strategy services for the blockchain industry. When you choose us, you receive a first-class level of reliability, expertise, and confidentiality on a daily basis.


There are no smoke and mirrors with us. We deliver an honest and transparent service from start to finish.


We inherit your goals and use our experience to help you exceed them on a daily basis.


When doing business in an unknown market, it’s important to have a partner like us who knows how to navigate through European jurisdictions successfully.


It is important that sensitive company information does not reach the wrong hands. Our team adheres to our Code of Ethical Conduct.

Industry-leading expertise

Our team’s leading knowledge and proven industry experience have allowed us to successfully support businesses across Europe.

Attention to details

Our staff can take care of all your needs and an experienced project manager is always at your disposal.

Multilingual communication

Our staff can interact with you and your business partners in a number of different languages, including Italian, English and French.

Our Monthly Bulletin

Every month, we publish our “Blockchain Compliance Bulletin”. This newsletter shares up-to-date information on the blockchain world to help keep business owners and investors compliant.

The magazine presents our “Blockchain Compliance Rank”, to give you an insight into identifying the best jurisdiction for your project. Further, in each issue, we tackle big topics in the industry.

To subscribe to the “Blockchain Compliance Bulletin” for free, please fill the form below or join our Telegram channel.


Simone Domenico Casadei Bernardi holds an LLM and counsels several Blockchain companies in legal and compliance matters as a Compliance Advisor/Manager. Also, he’s an author and member of the International Compliance Association.

Franco Nicosia has a proven track record in leading operations with full responsibility. He’s been providing cross-functional management support, financial evaluations, and investor-relationships for more than 20 years.

Manuel Olivi combines his passion for technology with a criminology degree. 15+ years of experience in Security & Privacy Engineering, Computer Science, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Decentralised Application projects, Digital, Web and Startups.

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Business Meetings in Lugano (CH), Frankfurt (DE), Tallinn (EE), Amsterdam
(NL), Milan (IT)

Company Profile

We, at Blockchain ConsultUs, know that finding the right advisors is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to better understand your needs and provide a roadmap as to how we can help you achieve your business goals.

Consultus (/kon’sul.tus/). Perfect passive participle of cōnsulō: “I consult, reflect, take counsel, consider, or deliberate”